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“10 Tips For An Extremely Hot Holiday”

The #sexpositive series from Ooh by Je Joue

Ooh discusses a few things to remember so that you don’t get burned!

You never forget your holiday romances – either they were sexy, romantic and fun…or they were awkward, messy and cringe-worthy. There’s a lot of potential, but not preparing properly can leave you with little more than sand in places where sand should never be! On the other hand, they can be a great time to let loose. Whether you’re going away with a partner or plan on meeting a match on the beach, there are a few things to remember so that you don’t get burned!

  1. Pack like a pro – ‘Packing’ is another way of saying ‘You want to take all these things away with you, but with the frustration of deciding which of these vital things will fit in your bag’; but even if you’re travelling light then there are a few essential items that you mustn’t forget. For example, condoms and lube. Contraceptives may be hard to find when you’re away, and are definitely things you don’t want to get caught short without! Also, for some fun in the sun, don’t forget to take a discreet toy with you – Our Rio and London are perfect, subtle and won’t take up much room. And if you do get stopped at security, relax – they’ve seen it all before! (Extra tip: toys also work great as a back massager after a long flight!)
  2. Location is key – As much as staying in low budget accommodation might seem like a good idea when you’re booking, having ten other people become part of your romantic night isn’t. Figure out the best places for having sex in your room too – hotel designers often consider mirror arrangements for just that reason, so make the most of it! Plus, hotel rooms are often more soundproof than average, so let yourself go!
  3. Know the laws – It’s important to be respectful, and can be dangerous if you’re not. Especially if you’re going anywhere that’s very strict or religious make sure you aren’t caught doing anything naughty in public places; it might cost you more than just a slap on the wrist.
  4. Entertainment to get you in the mood – Take some steamy holiday reading to get you in the mood – if there was ever a time to try erotica, this is it! There are loads of different types, so whether you fancy something hardcore like 50 Shades or romance with Mills & Boon there’s something for everyone.
  5. Out and about – If you’re venturing out for some sexy encounters, be aware that hooking up in some places isn’t as fun as it may seem. Staying up all night and watching the sun rise on the beach is incredibly romantic; sandy sex is not. Neither is getting trapped while having sex in a sun lounger. Sex under the stars is amazing but be aware of bugs/local police (see number 3). And sex in the sea might sound like a great idea but can actually be really dangerous! On the other hand, skinny dipping or balcony sex (in secluded areas) can be a lot of fun!
  1. Keep it clean – (Well, you know what we mean…) Sun cream, sand and bug spray aren’t the sexiest cocktail. A sexy shower for two can wash off the day’s grime and set the mood…
  2. Mood music – Have a summer playlist at the ready to set the mood at a moment’s notice. Take mini-speakers with you and have a few sexy tunes on your phone or iPod for the perfect sunset backdrop.
  3. Be safe! – Go off and enjoy yourself with Eduardo the Italian Stallion; just make sure someone knows where you are!
  4. Know what you want – If you’re hooking up with someone you’ve just met who lives in another country, make sure that a fling is all you want before you find yourself in a really long distance relationship; summer ‘fling’ is the key here. If you want more that’s fine, but make sure you talk about it and are both happy with the situation.
  5. ENJOY! – Use the opportunity – whether you’re there with your sweetheart or looking for fun now’s the time to let loose and try something new. Your body clock is probably a little off, so whether it’s sex at a different time of day, different locations, different positions or different toys, being in a new place can be a great way to experiment. Be safe, and have fun!

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