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Your Classic vibrator

with Ooh’s creative sex tips

  1. The classic vibrator, isn’t as classic as you might think… It is a combo, a 2-in-1:
    a pebble at its lower part, and a dildo at its end.
  2. First, use the base, as you might use the pebble, and enjoy that extra-grip you get from its generous “handle”. In this variation you might not get that “pin-point” stimulation but that extra-grip gives an extra-control whatever floats your boat, even in rough sea!
  3. Once you’re almost at the top of the mountain and fancy a little more, use N°2 as a dildo. Lower the vibration or stop it and insert it gently (extra-lubrication could be useful). Start with the tip and try a little twisting motion just right where you can stretch your inner muscles harder. Tease and rub a little this area for a while and then you’re set for an extra trick: the “keyhole exercise”.
  4. Use n°2 like you would insert a key into the lock, turn it back and remove it from the lock! Literally: insert n°2 in a sliding motion, the thickest part facing your abdomen, turn it against the anterior wall of the vagina adding an extra pressure with the movement and then remove it in a swift movement and restart again!

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