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    EU 48 hour delivery available

How do I charge my Ooh motor?

To charge your motor, peel back the silicone flap at the base and insert the USB charger.

How do I know my Ooh motor is charged?

When your motor is charging there will be a red flashing light. When fully charged the light will be solid.

How do I change my shape?

Squeeze both arrows indicated on the side of your shape. The motor will pop out.

Insert your motor into the new shape until it clicks into place.

How do I turn on and turn off my Ooh pleasure accessory?

To turn on hold down the Ooh button for 2 seconds until it starts vibrating. To turn off hold down for 2 seconds until it stops vibrating.

How do I change the speed and pattern?

To change the speed, click again to increase the intensity between three speeds. After the third speed, a further two clicks takes you through two vibration patterns.

How do I clean my pleasure accessory?

Gently clean your toy in warm water and PH neutral soap. Do not clean the motor separately.

How do I know when my delivery will arrive?

You will receive an email with a despatch note along with a tracking number. If you do not receive this please contact customercare@oohjejoue.com

How do I return my product?

For information on warranty and returns, please click here